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How can I import a place from Google Maps?
How can I import a place from Google Maps?
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If a place or specific address cannot be found on Lambus, you can import it from different data sources (like Google Maps and Apple Maps).

Note: This feature is not available in the web app. But you could use our browser extension for Chrome or Firefox instead.

Import a place directly from Google Maps

To import a place from Google Maps, perform the following steps:

First, Open the Google Maps app or go to

2. Search your place

3. Hit the "Share" button and select the Lambus app

5. Select whether you want to add the place as a stop (e.g. a city) or a Point of Interest (POI) (e.g. a restaurant/museum) and follow the instructions on the screen

How it works in Lambus

If you ever want to add a location but can't find it via the Lambus search, you can simply import it via Google Maps. (Hint: As a Lambus PRO user, you will receive better search results, as we use the subscription revenue to refinance the interface costs.)

Simply tap on Didn't find anything? in the search mask.

When you use the function for the first time, you will receive a brief explanation of how it works.

Otherwise, you will be forwarded directly to Google Maps. Now you can simply follow the steps mentioned above and import the desired location into Lambus.

That's it! In case you still have issues, we prepared a quick video for you. If there are still questions, feel free to reach out to us and we will help you immediately!

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