How can I create a new account?
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To create a new account, you have several options:

  • E-Mail / Password Sign Up *

  • Google Sign In

  • Apple Sign In

  • Facebook Sign In

In addition, you can also continue without a profile. That way, you can easily check out the Lambus features without providing your personal data. You can then upgrade to a "full" Lambus account afterwards and your existing trips will be upgrade.

If you run into issues creating a new account, please use the "contact bubble" at the bottom right corner of this page to reach out to us at any time!

Important: Using Lambus is and will always be free of charge. We will never prompt you to pay for our service. If you ever receive such a request, please reach out via to report the indicent, thank you!

* Please use at least 6 characters for your password and include small and capital letters.

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