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Lambus PRO is an extension of our free basic platform with many useful premium features. If you already enjoy the many features of our free platform, but want to plan your trip even more professionally and easily, you and your friends will love Lambus PRO!

For a small fee (see: "How much will a Lambus PRO subscription cost me?"), you'll reignite the fun of organising your next trip with the great features of Lambus PRO!

Our new features (more to come):

1) Extended Route Planning: Use our new "My routes" feature to calculate how long the distance between your waypoints is and how long you will be travelling by means of transport such as plane, train, rental car or bicycle. This way you can calculate the time you will need when organising your trip and make better decisions about a spontaneous trip to the neighbouring town.

2) Expenses Export: Keep track of your travel expenses even better. With the new export functions in Lambus PRO, you can easily export the travel expenses of your group in one of the common file formats (e.g. Microsoft Excel). This gives you an even more detailed overview of your travel expenses so you can now track your payments even better on your own laptop and the like.

3) Real-time Weather Updates: You don't quite know whether you should wear a sweatshirt when you arrive at the airport or whether you should pull out a T-shirt so that the heat doesn't literally beat you down when you disembark? With our weather feature in real-time, you and your companions will always know the temperature and climate at your destination and you will always be able to plan your next stop based on your own personal weather forecast.

4) Real-time Flight Updates: The chaos at the airport is stressful enough for many travellers. So it's even nicer when you get your individual flight information in advance of your departure time, any cancellations or delays, and gate changes. With our new Lambus PRO flight updates, you and your friends are always up to date in real time. So you don't have to worry about anyone missing their flight or not knowing where the rest of the group is at the airport.

5) Foreign Currencies: Converting currencies has never been easier! Activate the location services of your mobile phone and Lambus PRO will recognise the country in which you and your friends are travelling and automatically adjust your expenses to the referring national currency based on your location. Alternatively, you can select the foreign currency from a list of currencies. Lambus will then calculate the foreign currency back to your base currency using the exact conversion rate.

6) Export as PDF: Export your waypoints, nearby places and bookings in a handy PDF format to have your trip available, even when your smartphone is currently not available - like in a crazy jungle adventure!

7) Unlimited Data Storage: Just as free and unrestricted as you should feel on your travels, you should also be able to store your data without limits in the future. No matter whether it's photos, travel bookings, PDF files or similar: With Lambus PRO, you no longer need to worry about your data storage.

8) Packing Lists: Choose from numerous packing lists depending on your destination (road trip, city break, beach vacation, …) or create your very own!

9) Flight Compensation: We will take care of your compensation if a flight is delayed or canceled by requesting a refund from the airline. In addition, we will look for an alternative flight automatically, so you can travel stress-free!

And that's just our initial feature set, which will be enhanced and improved in the future! Feel free to contact us and tell us more about your personal wishes and ideas for Lambus PRO. Maybe you can look forward to your personal wish feature in our next update, we are always open for feedback!

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