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How do I use the travel expense export function?
How do I use the travel expense export function?
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You may have regularly entered your costs in Lambus during the trip, but would you like to have a clearer and more accurate overview afterwards of who was asked to pay when and who may still owe money to which trip participant? With the new export feature in Lambus PRO, you can keep track of all costs in common formats such as Microsoft Excel.

Where to find:

Navigate to the "Expenses" tab within your Lambus PRO trip view. On the next screen, tap the "..." icon in the top right corner and select "Convert to Excel" from the drop-down menu. Alternatively, you can find the "Convert to Excel" button in your trip settings, next to the PDF export option.

Within a few minutes you will receive an email to the address you used to register with Lambus (or a corresponding social media service as your login). The email attachment contains the travel expense report in the Microsoft Excel (.xlsx) format.

If your expenses do not arrive at your email address, please reach out to us via and we will get back to you immediately!

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