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How much does a Lambus PRO subscription cost?
How much does a Lambus PRO subscription cost?
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There are two different billing models available for you and your friends: Our one-time per trip subscription and our annual subscription. This way, we want to ensure that users who only want to use the Lambus PRO features once can do so for a small amount of money. On the other hand, with our annual billing model, we want to accommodate those users who, as frequent travellers, want to enjoy the Lambus PRO benefits more often - regardless of how often and with whom they want to travel.

Flexible and on demand: Lambus PRO per trip subscription

With our per trip subscription, you pay a one-off fee of €9.99. In return, you and up to ten of your travel companions can use the numerous useful Lambus PRO features in the trip for which you have purchased the upgrade, for up to 365 days depending on the trip length. With this on demand subscription, you don't have to worry about any ongoing costs: Pay once and you and your friends can enjoy the Lambus PRO benefits until your adventure together is over. Your subscription then automatically expires afterwards.

For frequent travellers: Lambus PRO annual subscription

For those of you who travel several times a year and really enjoy organising and planning their trips, we offer something very special: our uncomplicated all inclusive Lambus PRO annual subscription.

For a one-time fee of only €24.99, you get the full functionality of Lambus PRO - for a whole year and with no limitations! Whether it's a trip to the south coast of France with the gang, a romantic couple's holiday in Paris or a bucket list trip to Bali with your best friend: with the Lambus PRO annual licence, you and your friends are optimally equipped for all trips. As soon as you create a trip as an annual licence holder and add your friends, this trip automatically becomes a Lambus PRO trip - giving you and your friends access to the full range of our features!

Lambus PRO subscriptions overview

Lambus PRO: per trip

Lambus PRO: annual

Price (one time):



Licence type:

on demand

annual subscription


one trip (max. 365 days)

365 days

Max. travel companions:



Limited to max. 1 trip?



*Price applies once for the duration of use of one year and expires automatically thereafter.

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